SSG Ultimate



Location and Schedule

Premier Sports Campus and Lakewood Ranch
5895 Post Blvd
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34211


All Ultimate Frisbee-based events for the summer 2018 Sunshine State Games have been canceled.  Games will taken place in September 2018 at the Beach Games in Clearwater, Fla.

  • Co-ed
  • Men Open
  • Youth Open


  1. A separate youth division (open only) will be created if at least six (6) teams comprising of players ages 18 and younger register.
  2. The event will use the current edition of USAU rules (including Spirit of the Game)
  3. Gender ratios for mixed division games set at ¾ or 4/3 (Offense decides)
  4. In each division, Saturday pool play will determine Sunday bracket play.
  5. All teams are guaranteed play on Saturday and Sunday.
  6. All fields will be lined.
  7. A team trophy and Gold medals will be awarded to the overall champions in each division, up to 21 players and a Florida-specific trophy and medals, up to 21 players, will be awarded to the top Florida team in each division.
  8. Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the second and third place teams in each division, up to 21 players.
  9. A trophy will be awarded to the team that best exemplifies the “Spirit of the Game”. Individual prizes will be awarded to the players of the team awarded Spirit of the Game, up to 21 players.
  10. There will be an exhibition game on Saturday night at the fields. The theme will be announced on Facebook at “Ultimate-Sunshine State Games” prior to the tournament. Once the theme is announced, captains will recruit players. The winning team will receive a trophy.
  11. A trophy will be awarded to the winner of the layout competition.

Sport Rules

  • The tournament will be conducted in accordance with USA Ultimate’s rules of competition.
  • Age is determined by June 13, 2017.
  • Rosters are limited to 21 players (for t-shirt and prize purposes only).
  • Each team shall provide its own game disc.
  • All teams are expected to play out their schedule on both Saturday and Sunday. Failure to appear for a scheduled game may jeopardize your team’s members’ future entry in the tournament.
  • Spirit of the Game expected; cheers highly encouraged.

Entry Requirements



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