FSG Golf



Location and Schedule

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 – 18 Holes / Day 1 – 36 Holes – Men and Women
Wednesday, December 5, 2018 – Day 2 – 36 Holes – Men and Women

Countryside County Club
3001 Countryside Boulevard
Clearwater, Florida 33761

Men’s Day 1 – 50-64 Tee Times
Men’s Day 1 – 65-69 Tee Times
Men’s Day 1 – 70-74 Tee Times
Men’s Day 1 – 75-90 Tee Times
Women’s Day 1 – Tee Times
Women’s Day 2 – Tee Times
Men’s Day 2 – 50-69 Tee Times
Men’s Day 2 – 70-90 Tee Times

Golf participants: please report any typos or mistakes as soon as possible to fandersoniii@cox.net.

The following practice round rates are available September 1-December 3, 2018 for Florida Senior Games Golf participants at a rate of $35 on weekdays and $45 on weekends. Participants can make reservations by calling the Countryside Country Club at (727) 796-1135.


  • 18 Holes – Scratch – GF018
  • 36 Holes – Scratch – GF036

Florida Senior Games Qualifying Rules

Top 5 in each age group at a Series Qualifier site. Participants that qualify in one Golf event are eligible for all Golf events. (Note: qualifying is only applicable to the Florida resident divisions).

2018 Florida Senior Games advancement guidelines to National Senior Games
1.  Finishing in first place in either the 18 hole tournament on Tuesday Dec. 4, or finishing in first place in the 36 hole tournament on Tues/Wed Dec. 4, 5.

2.  Having a score of the Mimimum Performance Standards (MPS) or lower for each of the age groups. These scores can come from either the 18 tournament or either day of the 36 hole tournament.

2018 FL Senior Games Minimum Performance Standards (MPS) Countryside CC

Women-red tees @ slope 122  (Bayhead to Lake)

Age group                                     Target score
50-54                                              92
55-59                                              93
60-64                                              94
65-69                                              97
70-74                                              97
75-79                                              100
80-84                                              101
85-89                                              115
90-94                                              60-9 holes
95 +                                                60-9 holes

Men 50-69 white tees @ slope 128  (Lake to Pine)
50-54                                              81
55-59                                              82
60-64                                              83
65-69                                              84

Men 70-95+ green tees @ slope 121 (Bayhead to Lake)
70-74                                              84
75-79                                              88
80-84                                              88
85-89                                              91
90-94                                              52-9 holes red tees
95 +                                                52-9 holes red tees

Entry Requirements

  1. 18 Hole Golf entry fee is $75 for Florida residents and $85 for non-residents and includes an event t-shirt, greens fees, cart fees and lunch. T-shirts will be distributed on-site at designated competition check-in time. A short survey will be required to be completed at check-in. This survey can be found online at www.floridaseniorgames.com and can be completed in advance and brought to check-in.
  2. 36 Hole Golf entry fee is $145 for Florida residents and $155 for non-residents. Competitors in 36 Hole tournament will be eligible for awards for 18 Hole and 36 Hole competitions.
  3. All mailed entries must be received by November 16, 2018 or register online by November 18, 2018 at www.floridaseniorgames.com. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Event Director. Athletes registering after November 18, 2018 will not be guaranteed a t-shirt and may be subject to a $10 late fee.
  4. Entry forms, waiver of liability and entry fee should be made payable to the Florida Sports Foundation (FSF). Save a stamp and beat the deadline! Register online at www.floridaseniorgames.com.
  5. Golfers must provide their own clubs and balls.
  6. Golf cart use during official competition is mandatory.
  7. Foursome assignments will be made by the Event Director.
  8. Appropriate golf attire is required.  Collared shirts, non-denim slacks and golf shorts are acceptable. Soft spikes or tennis shoes are the only acceptable footwear.
  9. PGA members may compete as long as they are not on the PGA Tour and adhere to the definition of a professional. The Florida Sports Foundation has the right to determine professional status.


    1. The tournament will be 18-hole and 36-hole medal play. Handicaps are not used.
    2. Women’s divisions will play from the red tees on the Bayhead and Lake courses.
    3. Men’s divisions 50-54,55-59, 60-64 and 65-69 will play from the white tees on the Lake and Pine courses.
    4. Men’s divisions 70-74,75-79,80-84,85-89 and 90+ will play from the green tees on the Bayhead and Lake courses.
    5. Fourth place ribbons will be awarded in addition to Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for Florida residents. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to top overall athletes if non-residents are in contention for medals.
    6. Each day, prizes will be given for men and women best overall score, longest drive and closest to the pin.

Sports Rules

  1. This tournament will be conducted in accordance with United States Golf Association (USGA) rules, except as modified herein. Local rules will also be in effect.
  2. Spectators are permitted on the course; however, they will be required to walk. Spectators must remain at least 25 feet away from tee boxes, fairways and greens.
  3. Caddies are not permitted.
  4. USGA rules regarding coaching will be strictly enforced.
  5. USGA rules regarding pace of play will be observed.
  6. Range finders of any type are permitted.
  7. In the event of a tie between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, the USGA tie-breaking procedure of matching scorecards will be implemented. The player with the best score on the last nine holes will win the higher medal. If players have the same score for the last 9 holes, the last 6 holes will be compared, then 3 holes and then finally the 18th hole.
  8. Dress Code: Men must wear slacks or shorts excluding denim jeans, bathing suits or trunks. Shirts must be worn at all times and must have sleeves. No cutoffs, tank-top shirts, muscle shirts or commercial tee shirts will be allowed. Appropriate mock turtleneck and turtleneck shirts are allowed. Women must wear appropriate tops, skirts, culottes or shorts excluding cut-off jeans, bathing suits and workout attire. Appropriate tops do not include halter-tops or tank tops. No personal coolers or any food or beverage products not supplied by the club are allowed on the course.


  1. All first place finishers on Day 1 of Golf competition at the 2018 Florida Senior Games will qualify for the 2019 National Senior Games.
  2. All Golf competitors meeting the minimum performance standard at the 2018 Florida Senior Games will qualify for the 2019 National Senior Games. Scores from either 18-holes round may be used for 36-holes competitors.
  3. Minimum performance standard is based on slope rating and will be determined upon selection of the competition course.


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OJ Hill: (850) 410-5286 or OJHill@flasports.com

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