FSG Basketball 3-on-3



Location and Schedule

Saturday, December 8 & Sunday, December 9, 2018

Highland Recreation Center
400 Highland Avenue NE
Largo, Florida 33770


Click here for the 3-on-3 basketball competition.


  • Men 50+ – BK550
  • Men 55+ – BK555
  • Men 60+ – BK560
  • Men 65+ – BK565
  • Men 70+ – BK570
  • Men 75+ – BK575
  • Men 80+ – BK580
  • Women 50+ – BK650
  • Women 55+ – BK655
  • Women 60+ – BK660
  • Women 65+ – BK665
  • Women 70+ – BK670
  • Women 75+ – BK675
  • Women 80+ – BK680

Florida Senior Games Qualifying Rules

OPEN – no qualifying required

Entry Requirements

  1. Team entry fee is $135 per team per division, and includes an event t-shirt for each player / coach on the roster. T-shirts for all team players and coaches must be picked up by a team representative at the Mandatory Captains Meeting. A short survey will be required to be completed at check-in. This survey can be found online at www.floridaseniorgames.com, and can be completed in advance and brought to check-in.
  2. All mailed entries must be received by November 16, 2018 or register online by November 18, 2018 at www.flasports.com. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Event Director. Teams registering after November 18, 2018 will not be guaranteed a t-shirt and may be subject to a $30 late fee.
  3. Team entry form and entry fee should be made payable to the Florida Sports Foundation (FSF). Save a stamp and beat the deadline! Register online at www.floridaseniorgames.com.
  4. Team waiver forms are not due until the Mandatory Captains Meeting. All team captains must submit a team waiver form signed by all players / coaches on the roster.
  5. Teams must be of all one gender. There are separate tournaments for each gender.
  6. Team rosters shall be limited to 10 players including non-playing captains, coaches and bench personnel. Changes shall be allowed only as permitted under Rule F of the Florida International Senior Games & State Championships rules of competition.
  7. Athletes may play on up to two Basketball teams providing that the teams are in different age divisions and are scheduled to play at different times.
  8. Age divisions for all team competition will be determined by the age of the youngest team member.


  1. If numbers are conducive, teams will be divided into pools within their age divisions. Within each pool a single round-robin tournament will be played. At the conclusion of the round robin, winners will advance and play a single-elimination tournament. If entries are not conducive, a double-elimination tournament will be played within the age division.
  2. Ties for seeding will be broken in the following manner:
        1. Overall record
        2. Head-to-head competition
        3. Point differential – a maximum of 13 points will be awarded towards point differential, regardless of final score
        4. Coin toss
  3. Forfeits shall be scored 7-0.
  4. Event Director reserves the right to modify format based on number of teams.
  5. Teams are guaranteed three games.
  6. Teams will not play more than three games in one day.
  8. Fourth place ribbons will be awarded in addition to Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for Florida teams. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to top overall teams, if non-resident teams are in contention for medals.

Sports Rules

This tournament will be conducted in accordance with National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules, except as modified. Visit www.floridaseniorgames.com for a complete set of rules.


All teams placing first through fourth at the 2018 Florida Senior Games shall qualify for the 2019 National Senior Games, to be held June 14-25, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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OJ Hill:  (850) 410-5286 or ojhill@flasports.com

Richard Blalock: (352) 262-5755 or richardtblalock@yahoo.com