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2017 Ultra Weight Pentathlon World Championships Results 2017 Beach Powerlifting Results 2017 Scottish Heavy Athletics Results

2017 Beach Ultimate Results
Mixed Division
1. Miasco; 2. Sand1; 3. Me Hoy Minoy; 4. Sofa King Sandy; 5. DrunkPool; 6. Local Route

Open Division
1. Pale; 2. Scoober Divers; 3. Sandy Wags

2017 Beach Tennis Results

Women’s Open Singles
GOLD: Stephanie Pareda, Delray Beach; SILVER: Nancy Howard, Hermosa Beach, CA; BRONZE: Angela Bemquerer, Miami

Men’s Open Singles
GOLD: Donny Moore, Hermosa Beach, CA; SILVER: Fernando Guerva, Miami; BRONZE: Eric Block, Hermosa Beach, CA

Men’s Open Doubles
GOLD: Jan Macko & Matteo Godio; SILVER: Donny Young & Riva Da Silva; BRONZE: Steve Culver & Rick Simeon

Women’s Open Doubles
GOLD: Marie-pier Huet & Lady Carrera; SILVER: Roos de Hart & Myra Kaefer

Photo Gallery from 2017 SSG International Beach Games

2017 News

2017 Beach Tennis World Cup Brings Most Dedicated to Clearwater Beach for SSG Beach Games

Gainesville High School Track and Field Standout Derek Akey to Compete in Three Sports

2017 SSG Beach Games Fact Sheet

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2016 Beach Tennis Results

Women’s Open Singles
GOLD: Marie-pier Huet ; SILVER: Ana Noro; BRONZE: Janet Schweitzer

Men’s Open Singles
GOLD: Ali Colmenares; SILVER: Donny Young BRONZE: Fernando Guevara & Ramon Ignacio Guedez (opted for tie rather than play)

Women’s Open Doubles
GOLD: Marie-pier Huet and Barbora Jilkova; SILVER: Roos de Hart and Marketa Dumas Jilkova; BRONZE: Kim O’Keefe and Zsofi Lanstiak

Women’s Over 40 Doubles
GOLD: Ana Noro and Janet Schweitzer; SILVER: Debra Alloy and Vicky Phillips Rotunno

Women’s Advanced Doubles
GOLD: Chelsea Hall and Becky Crespo; SILVER: Debra Alloy and Vicky Phillips Rotunno; BRONZE: Michele Guidicessi and Nalania Butler

Men’s Over 40 Doubles
GOLD: Donny Young and Pascal Laurencine; SILVER: Andres Merro and Miguel Ferrayra; BRONZE: Jeffrey Brennan and Craig Saunders

Men’s Open Doubles
GOLD: Ali Colmenares and Ramon Ignacio Guedez; SILVER: Donny Young and Sam Keeton; BRONZE: Fernando Guevara and Pascal Laurencine

Men’s Advanced Doubles
GOLD: Jeffrey Brennan and Craig Saunders; SILVER: Tony Guidicessi and Craig Whiteleather; BRONZE: Marvin Ho and Gaspar Cecchi

Mixed Doubles
GOLD: Fernando Guevara and Marie-pier Huet; SILVER: Donny Young and Roos de Hart; BRONZE: Marketa Dumas Jilkova and Riva Da Silva

Mixed Advanced Doubles
GOLD: Ana Noro and Vitor Everhard; SILVER: Michelle Bos and Marius Copos; BRONZE: Kim O’Keefe and Will Hall


2015 Beach Ultimate Results

2015 Beach Tennis Results

Men’s Open Doubles
GOLD: Rick Simeon & Mariano Errecakde; SILVER: Riva Da Silva & Fernando Guevara Espinosa; BRONZE: John Day & Johnny Day; 4th Place: Jonothan Plaza & Dustin Booth

Women’s Open Doubles
GOLD: Roos de Hart & Laryssa Ferreira Booth; SILVER: Barbora Jilkova & Marie-pier Huet; BRONZE: Alixandra Lakow & Alexandra Young; 4th Place: Rosie Goubourne & Wendy Washburn

Mixed Open Doubles
GOLD: Marie-pier Huet & Fernando Guevara Espinosa; SILVER: Roos de Hart & Riva Da Silva; BRONZE: Barbora Jilkova & Mariano Errecakde; 4th Place: Craig Saunders & Rosie Goubourne

Men’s Advanced Doubles
GOLD: Jeff Brennan & Craig Saunders; SILVER: Ryan Gelhaus & Greg Estroff; BRONZE: Nicolas Pereda & Adrian Salazar; 4th Place: Ed Ponce & Robie Haupt

Women’s Advanced Doubles
GOLD: Kim O’Keefe & Julie Gibson; SILVER: Chelsea Hall & Michele Guidicessi; BRONZE: Adrienne Cerra Simeon & Vanina Sanchez; 4th Place: Michelle Bos & Stephanie Pereda

Mixed Advanced Doubles
GOLD: Steve Culver & Michele Guidicessi; SILVER: Michelle Bos & Nicholas Pereda; BRONZE: Debra Alloy & Joey Rotunno; 4th Place: Andres Merro & Vanina Sanchez