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2016 Beach Weight Throw Results 2016 Beach Ultimate Results

2016 Beach Tennis Results

Women’s Open Singles
GOLD: Marie-pier Huet ; SILVER: Ana Noro; BRONZE: Janet Schweitzer

Men’s Open Singles
GOLD: Ali Colmenares; SILVER: Donny Young BRONZE: Fernando Guevara & Ramon Ignacio Guedez (opted for tie rather than play)

Women’s Open Doubles
GOLD: Marie-pier Huet and Barbora Jilkova; SILVER: Roos de Hart and Marketa Dumas Jilkova; BRONZE: Kim O’Keefe and Zsofi Lanstiak

Women’s Over 40 Doubles
GOLD: Ana Noro and Janet Schweitzer; SILVER: Debra Alloy and Vicky Phillips Rotunno

Women’s Advanced Doubles
GOLD: Chelsea Hall and Becky Crespo; SILVER: Debra Alloy and Vicky Phillips Rotunno; BRONZE: Michele Guidicessi and Nalania Butler

Men’s Over 40 Doubles
GOLD: Donny Young and Pascal Laurencine; SILVER: Andres Merro and Miguel Ferrayra; BRONZE: Jeffrey Brennan and Craig Saunders

Men’s Open Doubles
GOLD: Ali Colmenares and Ramon Ignacio Guedez; SILVER: Donny Young and Sam Keeton; BRONZE: Fernando Guevara and Pascal Laurencine

Men’s Advanced Doubles
GOLD: Jeffrey Brennan and Craig Saunders; SILVER: Tony Guidicessi and Craig Whiteleather; BRONZE: Marvin Ho and Gaspar Cecchi

Mixed Doubles
GOLD: Fernando Guevara and Marie-pier Huet; SILVER: Donny Young and Roos de Hart; BRONZE: Marketa Dumas Jilkova and Riva Da Silva

Mixed Advanced Doubles
GOLD: Ana Noro and Vitor Everhard; SILVER: Michelle Bos and Marius Copos; BRONZE: Kim O’Keefe and Will Hall


2015 Beach Ultimate Results

2015 Beach Tennis Results

Men’s Open Doubles
GOLD: Rick Simeon & Mariano Errecakde; SILVER: Riva Da Silva & Fernando Guevara Espinosa; BRONZE: John Day & Johnny Day; 4th Place: Jonothan Plaza & Dustin Booth

Women’s Open Doubles
GOLD: Roos de Hart & Laryssa Ferreira Booth; SILVER: Barbora Jilkova & Marie-pier Huet; BRONZE: Alixandra Lakow & Alexandra Young; 4th Place: Rosie Goubourne & Wendy Washburn

Mixed Open Doubles
GOLD: Marie-pier Huet & Fernando Guevara Espinosa; SILVER: Roos de Hart & Riva Da Silva; BRONZE: Barbora Jilkova & Mariano Errecakde; 4th Place: Craig Saunders & Rosie Goubourne

Men’s Advanced Doubles
GOLD: Jeff Brennan & Craig Saunders; SILVER: Ryan Gelhaus & Greg Estroff; BRONZE: Nicolas Pereda & Adrian Salazar; 4th Place: Ed Ponce & Robie Haupt

Women’s Advanced Doubles
GOLD: Kim O’Keefe & Julie Gibson; SILVER: Chelsea Hall & Michele Guidicessi; BRONZE: Adrienne Cerra Simeon & Vanina Sanchez; 4th Place: Michelle Bos & Stephanie Pereda

Mixed Advanced Doubles
GOLD: Steve Culver & Michele Guidicessi; SILVER: Michelle Bos & Nicholas Pereda; BRONZE: Debra Alloy & Joey Rotunno; 4th Place: Andres Merro & Vanina Sanchez