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Hollywood Rifle and Pistol
2989 Stirling Road
Dania Beach, FL
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9:00 a.m. Registration
10:00 a.m. Competition

Entry Requirements

  1. Entry fee is $20 and includes an official Sunshine State Games t-shirt. . Entries must be received by September 25, 2017 or register online by September 28, 2017. NO refunds.
  2. Onsite entries my be accepted at the discretion of match director.
  3. Make checks payable to Florida Sports Foundation (FSF).
  4. Entries limited to 25 competitors. At the discretion of the match director, the line may be extended to the “rifle side” of the firing line where only .22 caliber pistols are permitted.


Slow Fire Match – 25 yards, Slow Stage, 10 Shots, 5 Minutes, 2 Strings

Florida Police Course – 25 yards, Slow Stage, 10 Shots, 5 Minutes, 1 Strings
15 yards, Timed Stage, 5 Shots, 20 Seconds, 2 Strings
15 yards, Rapid Stage, 5 Shots, 10 Seconds, 2 Strings

Timed Fire Match 15 yards, Timed Stage, 5 Shots, 20 Seconds, 4 Strings

Rapid Fire Match 15 yards, Rapid Stage, 5 Shots, 10 Seconds, 4 Strings




  1. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the first three places in each Match.
  2. A modified Lewis System is used. Awards are won by the Winner and every other “odd” or “even” competitor. The last number of the winning score determines whether competitors are “odd” or “even”. When the winning score ends in a “zero”, the score is considered to be “even”. Monies are divided equally among all award winners. Any odd amount goes to the HRPC.


Sport Rules

  1. Current NRA conventional pistol rules apply except as listed below.
  2. Guns Permitted: Any caliber pistol permitted to be fired on the club range may be used.
  3. Positions: Any standing position not requiring artificial support of either hand or arm. The pistol may be held with one or two hands.
  4. Scoring: Targets are scored by competitors after each 10 shots. Competitors may use a plug type scoring gauge and/or overlay. Once a plug is inserted in a shot hole, it is not to be removed until a decision on the shot value is determined. If the competitors cannot agree, the Match Director makes the decision, which is final.


Match Directors

Chuck Wachsmuth
(954) 548-7972

Dan Cole
(954) 309-9934

Linda Dillon
(305) 778-2500

FSF Contact

Amanda Capone
(727) 724-3082 ext.256