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Nathan Benderson Park
5851 Nathan Benderson Circle
Sarasota, Florida 34235
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8+ M/W Open, Master, Junior (19U) and Mixed

4+ M/W Open, Master, Junior (19U) and Mixed

4x M/W Open, Master and Mixed

2x M/W Open, Master A (27-35), Master B (36-42), Master C (43-49), Veteran (50+), Women Lightweight (130lbs. and under), Men’s Lightweight (160lbs and under), Junior (19U) and Mixed

1x M/W Open, Master A (27-35), Master B (36-42), Master C (43-49), Veteran (50+), Women Lightweight (130lbs. and under), Men’s Lightweight (160lbs and under) and Junior (19U)


8:00 a.m. – Check-in/Registration
9:00 a.m. – Competition Begins

Entry Requirements
  1. Entry fee is $70 per eight, $50 per quad, $35 per double and $25 per single and includes an official Sunshine State Games t-shirt. NO refunds.
  2. Entries will now be by boat. An official entry form found online at must be completed for each boat, or register online at
  3. NO registrations will be taken the day of the event.
  4. It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm their registration by visiting or calling toll-free 1-866-FLGAMES (354-2637).
  5. Register online at by June 6, 2016.
  6. “Doubling” (rowing in more than one event) is permitted if time schedule allows.
  7. USRA membership is not required.
  1. The final event schedule will be based on the number of entries, with additional flights if more than six (6) entries.
  2. All events will be 1000m.
  3. In all combined categories, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded in each separate category.
Order of Events
  • Men’s Veteran 1x
  • Women’s Veteran 1x
  • Men’s Master 2x
  • Women’s Master 2x
  • Men’s Open 1x
  • Women’s Open 1x
  • Mixed 4+
  • Men’s Junior 2x
  • Women’s Junior 2x
  • Men’s Master 1x
  • Women’s Master 1x
  • Men’s Ltwt 1x
  • Women’s Ltwt 1x
  • Men’s Veteran 2x
  • Women’s Veteran 2x
  • Men’s Master 4+
  • Women’s Master 4+
  • Men’s Open 4x
  • Women’s Open 4x
  • Men’s Junior 4+
  • Women’s Junior 4+
  • Men’s Ltwt 2x
  • Women’s Ltwt 2x
  • Men’s Open 8+
  • Women’s Open 8+
  • Men’s Junior 8+
  • Women’s Junior 8+
  • Mixed 2x
  • Men’s Master 4x
  • Women’s Master 4x
  • Men’s Junior 1x
  • Women’s Junior 1x
  • Men’s Open 2x
  • Women’s Open 2x
  • Men’s Open 4+
  • Women’s Open 4+
  • Mixed 4x
  • Mixed 8+
Sport Rules

As established by the United States Rowing Association (USRA) except where modified herein.


FSF Staff Contact

Michael Washington
(727) 724-3082 ext. 241

State Director

Martyn Dennis
(407) 694-5214l