SSG Karate




  • Kata Beginner (1 year or less of training)
  • Kata Novice (1-2 years of training)
  • Kata Intermediate (2-3 years of training)
  • Kata Advanced (more than 3 years training)
  • Kumite Beginner (1 year or less of training)
  • Kumite Novice (1-2 years of training)
  • Kumite Intermediate (2-3 years of training)
  • Kumite Advanced (more than 3 years training)




  • Age Divisions for Kata and Kumite will be: 5 years and Under; 6-7 years; 8-9 years; 10-11 years; 12-13 years; 14-15 years; 16-17 years; 18-34 and 35 and older.
  • The tournament officials reserve the right to combine divisions if there are less than five participants in any division.
  • Boys and Girls divisions will be separate for Kumite, but divisions will be combined for Kata except for 14-34 year old advanced divisions.
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in each division.

Sport Rules

  1. This competition will be conducted in accordance to Florida Sport Karate League rules. The FSKL uses modified rules from the USA National Karate-Do Federation and World Karate Federation. The US Olympic Committee and International Olympic Committee recognize these two organizations as the only governing bodies for sport karate
  2. This competition will be officiated under the direction of trained and licensed referees and judges applying USA-NKF and WKF rules fairly and impartially.
  3. No disrespect or unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated from any participant or observer. Anyone acting in a manner contrary to the spirit of Karate-Do will be disqualified from the tournament. This includes athletes and spectators.
  4. Katas must be traditional. Moves that do not conform to traditional standards (i.e. flips, excessive breathing and yelling) will disqualify the competitor. Kata will be judged with flags. Athletes will perform their Kata next to one another and the competitor that receives the majority of votes will move onto the next round. Beginner and Novice Kata competitors may not perform “advanced” level katas. Those that do will be disqualified. Katas must be equivalent with one’s experience level. Intermediate and Advanced Kata competitors may perform any kata.
  5. Individuals that will be sparring must bring their own mouthpiece and inside groin protector (males only). This will be checked in staging. Any competitor that does not have a mouthpiece or groin protector (males only) will not be allowed to spar. Only WKF style red and blue sparring gloves will be allowed in the rings. These gloves will be provided in the ring for those competitors that do not have their own gloves. Children 9 and under must wear white foam headgear (also provided). Only WKF approved red and blue shin guards or USANKF white shin guards are permitted. Shin guards are optional.
  6. All participants must wear an all white karate uniform. Only one school patch is allowed on the left chest and must be no larger than 3 inches in diameter.

Entry Requirements