Haley Scott

Now in its 31st year, SSG Figure Skating attracted over 300 skaters to compete on two rinks over the course of three days at the Ellenton Ice and Sports Complex. The field of 300 figure skaters featured athletes ranging from nine young ladies in the 5 and under age group to a 60+ year old professional photographer.

The 2017 Dorothy Dodson Award Winner for Figure Skating Excellence went to Haley Scott, of Port Orange, who won gold medals in the Intermediate Ladies Short Program and Intermediate Ladies Free Skate. She had the highest ladies scores of each competition and earned the 2016 Betty Stark Award as the top SSG Juvenile Skater.

Deana Torgeshev

The 2017 Betty Stark Award for Juvenile Girls went to Deana Torgashev, of Coral Springs. The 2014 Dorothy Dodson Award Winner, Lara Annunziata, of Pompano Beach, won the Junior Ladies Free Skate gold medal and the silver medal in the Junior Ladies Short Program.

Signey Rice, of Palm Harbor, was the youngest gold medal winner in the Snowplow Sam Program. Rice will be four years old in October. Rice scored the gold medal over two younger competitors, Layla Przybyla, of Ellenton, who turned three in April and Emilie Davydova, of Bradenton, who turns three in November.

The Snowplow Sam program teaches the basic elements of figure skating to preschool age children. The beginner’s curriculum has the skaters sit and stand up with skates on – off and on the ice, March in place, March forward, March and glide and Dip in place.