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Sheraton Sand Key Resort
1160 Gulf Boulevard
Clearwater Beach, Florida 33767
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Ultra Weight Pentathlon
Under 19 Weight Throw – Florida Championship


9:00am Check-in
10:00am Competition Begins
6:00pm Player Party

Entry Requirements

  • Entry fee is $55 per person if received by September 3, 2017.
  • Entry fee is $65 per person if received by September 24, 2017
  • Athletes competing in both the Ultra Weight Pentathlon and the Highland Games or Powerlifting will receive a $20 discount. Contact Amanda Capone at for the discount code.
  • Entry fee includes a players’ party hosted by the Sheraton Sand Key. NO refunds.
  • Each person must submit an individual entry form and waiver received by September 22, 2017 or register online at by September 24, 2017.
  • Entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Entries will be limited, so register early. When registration closes, a waiting list will be kept in case of withdrawals.
  • Late entries may be accepted on a space available basis at Meet Directors discretion.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm their registration online or calling toll-free 1-866-FL-GAMES (354-2637).
  • This event will be sanctioned by USA Track & Field – Florida Association.
  • All implements will be provided.


  • This event is the first and only Ultra Weight Pentathlon World Championships.
  • This event will be conducted on the beach, using a temporary platform from which to throw into the sand.
  • Competition will begin with the eldest women, followed by the eldest men, ending with the youngest men.
  • Gold silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the top three competitors in each age group.
  • Individual points from each event are awarded based on the weight scoring table.
  • The competition consists of throwing the five weights listed in the table below.
  • Three trials will be allowed for each weight. One flight for each of the weights will be run within each age group. Three additional throws will be awarded for the three Ultra Weights.
  • Approximately 15-25 minutes will be given for general warm-ups. Two warm-up throws in competition order will be given. No warm-ups in the square after the competition begins.
  • Each attempt will be limited to one-minute. The clock starts when called “Up”. There will be no timing device to display time. A yellow flag will be raised for a warning of 15 seconds before the end of time and lowed at the expiration of time.
  • Competitors intending on using the spinning technique must notify the meet director immediately. The competitors will not be called up until such time all officials and volunteer personnel are a minimum of thirty feet (30′) away from the square. Failure to adhere to this safety procedure will result in disqualification from the event.
  • Other competitors implements become competition implements for use by all.
  • Athletes will not retrieve implements, only officials or designated volunteers.
  • Implement will be brought next to the square and cleaned of excess material before it is placed in the square. The implement will be placed within the square closed to the front band of the square and close to the center point of the rail. The “Up” call will follow then the sector is clear and ready.


  • The tournament will be conducted in accordance with USA Track & Field Rules of Competition.
  • Gloves are allowed (must be smooth & fingers may be exposed or closed). Fingers cannot be taped together. Substances to improve grip are permitted on hands or on gloves, and chalk or easily removed substance on the implement.
  • Athletes may not be assisted or coached in the competition area, and may not leave the competition area to speak with a coach. Audio, video or communication devices of any type are not permitted in the competition area.
  • An athlete has fouled if:
    • They fail to initiate the attempt within one minute
    • They fail to start from the stationary position
    • They use an illegal method to throw or an illegal implement
    • Implement lands on or outside the sector lines
    • They leave the square before the implement hits the ground, or leave from the front half of the square
    • Any part of the body touches the surface of the outside of the square or the top of the metal band of the square, prior to the implement hitting the ground
    • Any illegal device is worn or the throwing hand, thub or fingers are improperly taped
  • Implement Specifications are as follows:
    • Women 30-49: 9.08k (20#); 15.88k (35#); 20.00k (44#); 25.45k (56#); 98 lbs
    • Women 50-59: 7.26k (16#); 11.34k (25#); 15.88k (35#); 20.00k (44#); 25.45k (56#)
    • Women 60-74: 5.45k (12#); 9.08k (20#); 11.34k (25#); 15.88k (35#); 20.00k (44#)
    • Women 75+: 4.00k (8.8#); 7.26 (16#); 9.08k (20#); 11.34k (25#); 15.88k (35#)
    • Men 30-49: 15.88k (35#); 25.45k (56#); 98 lbs; 200 lbs; 300 lbs
    • Men 50-59: 11.34k (25#); 25.45k (56#); 98 lbs; 200 lbs; 300 lbs
    • Men 60-69: 9.08k (20#); 20.00k (44#); 25.45k (56#); 98 lbs; 200lbs
    • Men 70-79: 7.26k (16#); 15.88k (35#); 20.00k (44#); 25.45k (56#); 98 lbs
    • Men 80+: 5.45k (12#); 11.34k (25#); 15.88k (35#); 20.00k (44#); 25.45k (56#)

Hotel Information

Host Hotel

Sheraton Sand Key Resort
1160 Gulf Blvd
Clearwater Beach, FL 33767
Reservations: 727-595-1611
Rate: $129 per night single/double
The only way to receive the special rate is to reserve under this block. Make your reservation online today by clicking below.

Hotel Reservations

Social Functions

Saturday – 6pm: The Sheraton Sand Key Resort will be hosting a players party (BBQ) for all registered for the tournament. This function will be held at the Turtle Bar poolside.



FSF Staff Contact

Amanda Capone
(727) 724-3082 ext. 256

Meet Director

Jim Griffin
(954) 299-7333